Permaculture Success: Walking Onion

Why Does An Onion Cross the Path?

walking onion:driveway

Obviously, to plant itself on the other side.  That’s what Egyptian Walking Onions do, which makes them such a great permaculture plant. The 15-inch or so stalk leans over and lays its multi-lobed bulbhead gently on the ground. There the bulbs set root and grow fresh plants.

What it means is a steady supply of scallions that one never has to plant. The supply begins almost as soon as the snow melts. I try to keep a steady supply of three or four in the refrigerator hydrator for off-the-shelf use.  The mature bulbs get a little wooden by July, but, after a fresh August self-planting (see photo below), harvest picks up again in September until well into November.

walking onion:anenome

 Walking onion posing with the Canadian anemone.