Villanelle for Garlic Mustard

by Don Abbot aka The Snarky Gardener

I fell in love with an uncommon weed

Garlic Mustard is the way she’s known by some

Though others name her an invasive breed

Immigrants concealed in their coats her seed

America bound via boats they’ve come.

I fell in love with their uncommon weed.

During spring I gather, harvest, and bleed,

Loading bags until my hands are numb.

And people dub her an invasive breed!

In times when skies are dry and there’s great need

Gardeners grow her without a green thumb

I fell in love with this uncommon weed

Abundance and charity are my creed

This strong herb fills many stomachs with yum,

Though experts term her an invasive breed

Prepare pesto with her bounty, I plead!

For us, many a meal she will become

I fell in love with my uncommon weed

Because they call her an invasive breed.

2 thoughts on “Villanelle for Garlic Mustard

  1. Thanks Don – well said. I appreciate a clever message on wild foods and using what we already have in abundance.

    1. Thanks. I wrote this poem as an assignment for a creative writing class I took last fall. The villanelle was recommended for those obsessed with a subject. I’ve been obsessed with garlic mustard since I discovered it in my yard. I’m hoping others will bond with it as I have. Then we can eat it out of existence (or at least lessen its effects on the environment).

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