Prayer to the Green Tara

by Elsa Johnson

green tara image

Small rose     rosette    

rosetta of greening  on grey stone

celadon   jade    acid

green    apple   greening

frost fuzzed    felt adorned    

white furred    greening

Rose Of The Seed World     

little sunflower      seed side

down    green side up

aglow on grey stone.   

Not centered  but  placed 

precisely    inside a circle    

paler than the grey stone

on which it lies

signified thus :

Cornucopia of Seed Heaven

Who prays to you

Rosetta of Mice

and in what language?

Who offered you

Sacred Object of Chipmunks

Prayer Wheel of Squirrels

and in what manner?

Harvest of Birds         

who caws you?    Green Lotus

Celadon    jade    acid 

green     apple    greening    

on grey stone —

Who worships you ?

little sunflower     little rose

little green lotus     seed side

down            green side up