Home Permaculture Design Course

Thursdays at 7:30 to ~8:45 PM

March 10-April 28 at First Unitarian Church, Shaker Heights

Find a new way to combine aesthetics, edibility, and low maintenance in your yard by better understanding the Interdependent Web of Life.

hoverfly and dill

planting dill attracts adult hoverfly pollinators who lay eggs…

Hover Fly Larva Plain

…that produce larvae that prey on aphids.

Our goal with this course is to teach you fundamental permaculture principles and help you apply them to a project you can implement.   Previous students have redesigned parts of their front or back yards or helped launch major institutional projects. 

This will be our seventh iteration of the course (three previous at First Unitarian and one at the Cleveland Botanical Garden and all to positive reviews, including such comments as “life changing”).  Taught by Green Paradigm Partners: Elsa Johnson, landscape architect, whose gardens have been featured on multiple tours and in Fine Gardening magazine; and Tom Gibson, award winning permaculture garden community organizer.

Cost: $175 per family unit (i.e. your partner can come free), with 20% going to the First Unitarian Permaculture Garden.

Contact:  Tom Gibson (granvilletgibson@gmail.com).