“A Letter to the Opossum Family” by Rosemary Boschi

A Letter from One of our Readers

Dear Nocturnal Marauders,

We must talk regarding your abuse of my hospitality during the last six weeks in which you quickly discovered there was no longer an elderly dog in residence.

I really don’t mind your taking a refreshing dip in my lovely backyard water garden but I truly hoped when you no longer found tasty suet treats hanging on the tree, you might take your nightly splash parties elsewhere.

Silly me.  I so hoped we could live in harmony.  But alas, you take advantage of my hospitality in the wee hours of the morning by breaking my pickerel rush, upending the water lilies, disconnecting the fountain and relocating the light.  This is getting very old!

Sadly for me at this time, you seem to have the upper hand.  Since you do not hibernate, my fondest wish is you find this location inhospitable during the cold winter months and relocate to bigger and better digs…far, far away.

Your Worn Out Hostess,

Rosemary Boschi

3 thoughts on ““A Letter to the Opossum Family” by Rosemary Boschi

  1. I feel your pain … I could tell you stories: the mink who ate my goldfish and every replacement fish; the young buck who got his antlers tangled in my tree and in the process of getting loose kicked off St. Francis’s head; the Piliated wood peckers and the Turkeys who sat in my small crab apple tree eating crab apples in the spring while the branches bent under their weight, and the fox and eagles keeping my yard free of rabbits, while leaving small parts such at the feet behind….. and yet even though all this frustrates my desire for the “picture Perfect” yard I love the chaos these creatures create while living their own lives. They have found a way to deal with my disruption of their natural order… I love it, but I still complain … softly.

    1. Thank you for your comments. Living on a standard city block near the lake in Euclid, I don’t have to deal with all the destruction you mention but raccoons, skunks, blue herons and ‘possums can tear things up pretty good…gardeners just keep looking forward to the next miracle nature has to offer.

      Rosemary Boschi

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