The Aging Gardener Laments September

elsa messy garden

The Aging Gardener Laments September

Lord   Lord   What a mess the garden is   There is not

a modicum of order here   (and me …supposed to

set a good example )  I’ve hacked back that

promiscuous bitch ‘Pamina’   all her skirt

foliage I’ve ripped away   (and some of her

children too )   (Murderer!)   I’ve beaten into

submission the overly exuberant ‘Rozanne’

(Back… back! You beast! )  Goldfinch lay waste

the ripe sunflowers   A dozen different insects

are pillaging sedum   agastache   and anything

else that dares remain in bloom    A few beans still

hang from utterly leafless plants   like limp tinsel or

draped dregs from a party that’s gone on too long…

none of us straggling home in good shape

elsa messy 2

3 thoughts on “The Aging Gardener Laments September

  1. This is so encouraging and fun to read!! I’ve got company!! And from someone more experienced and wiser than I! I just got back from vacation time, away from our garden, and looked with horror at what had happened in our absence and relief at what had not happened.

  2. Absolutely loved this. I feel so much better. Great metaphors, superior sense of humor.

    Barbara Feldman

  3. I moved into a new house in June: Between the drought and the Deer ……… What garden?
    As I have said before, always the hopeful accidental gardener, maybe next year??

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