Margaret Ransohoff’s Late Summer Garden

The first in a series on intriguing gardens and their gardeners. 

Margaret’s late summer garden is a feast of exuberant color and form created with a mix of annuals and perennials: take a look at the flowers and foliage, and Margaret, herself, dressed as one of her favorite creatures, a butterfly.


Most striking in the above photo are the giant castor bean plants, grown this year from seeds of last year’s planting.  See also, dahlias from tubers and cardoon at lower left.


Cutting garden of dahlias from tubers and zinnias from seed.

Margaret’s container arrangements show an exceptional sense of color and form.


Above container with canna, New Guinea impatiens, verbena and portulaca, surrounded by Gardenmeister fuchsia, petunias and annual blue lobelia.


The pot on the pedastal has canna, verbena and calibrachoa. It is surrounded by darmera peltata, hydrangea, blue cardinal flower (lobelia siphilitica).

She defines space and creates structure in the late summer with annuals, canna and zinnias.

Cannas and zinnias

Watch for further posts on Margaret’s garden in other seasons.

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  1. Really liked your tall Castor Bean annual — especially with you standing next to it — allows us to appreciate its scale. I planted their seeds at our old house in Shaker on Huntington Rd to mask the trash cans alongside the garage. Was happy in one season how tall those plants grew!

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