Catalogue of Sins Summer Sloth Series

Sloth Wears Pajamas

With regard to gardeners’ sins, I would like to put in a good word for Sloth.  In particular, I think that there is something to say for Pajama Gardening. Does everyone do it, or just the members of my extended family? I know that in England there is a Nude Gardening Day, but that is only one day per year. One can garden in some variation of pajamas almost any time of year,  especially in the summer, when morning and birdsong begin early. What could be more pleasurable than wearing one’s nightie, carrying a cup of coffee and plucking the spent daylily flowers?

coffee cup:column


Watch for future posts…we have a lot to say about Sloth.

8 thoughts on “Catalogue of Sins Summer Sloth Series

  1. Beautiful snap Catherine! In Scotland I did a lot of puttering in the garden in night clothes…. but – I had the benefit of tall stone town walls all around the cottage. Slippers were definitely worn!

  2. I love the mornings when I wander around looking at things I need to do but by he time I finish my coffee I am feeling overwhelmed and it is beginning to heat up. Whatever task I can’t let go any longer has to be finished or abandoned by 10:00 or I might explode in the heat.

  3. Love your picture. Gardening bra less, in pj’s a grand idea. But in the Nude? no shoes and bugs buzzing where I don’t want them, razor sharp and prickly plants rubbing my privates.. … not so much..
    Have fun!

  4. What a lovely in California
    We are trying to conserve water..our beautiful gardens are almost gone..

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