Aphid Festival

Now that the aphids have been fruitful and multiplied all over my butterfly garden (they seem to be feasting on the diet of soap and alcohol that I have been blasting them with,) I think I’m going to have to fork out for the Green Lace Wings. The price isn’t much, but the shipping is, so I decided  to try first the soap and alcohol recipe that I found on the internet. It definitively did not work. Who else eats aphids? Ladybugs? Is anyone else having this problem? Any good, garden-healthy hacks? Please send them to our Comments section. 
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green-lacewing-adult_0 The Green Hope


2 thoughts on “Aphid Festival

  1. I’m having the same problem with aphids on my milkweed – I’ve tried spraying them with 1 part soap, 10 parts water and then hosing the plants off with water. The aphids are still there. Do I try the isopropyl alcohol next or just dig the plants out of the garden and dispose in the trash? What is your advice?

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