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Sexy Poem


crocosmia for July Poem

…July in the summer garden : the plants that seemed

in May so fresh ( like young girls standing discrete…

pristine in their green uniform of promise )

now throw off all restraint    No more apartness

they declare    no space between    They twine and

drape and lean against each other    giddy…

display their petticoat parts     Each night daylilies

paint new bright faces     while among them thin

crocosmias sprawl    their many arms ‘round all…

red mouths open  …for bees   …for birds  …oh

delirious fecundity and fertile chaos!

But see there the sturdy sunflower fellow that

quietly parts the flash girls and grows tall?  He

belongs to August   September  …the coming fall 

July poem 1


“The Soil Will Save Us” by Kristin Ohlson


Muddy pages: an occasional book review

The Soil Will Save Us

Author: Kristin Ohlson, published by Rodale Press, 2014, 241 pp.

The title speaks volumes for this entertaining, passionate, very well-researched book by a sometime Cleveland gardener. Kristin Ohlson delves into a misunderstood (and unglamorous) substance, emerging with engrossing stories about some fascinating people, their advocacy for the life underground and the real and potential miracles performed in partnership with “the incredible life in the soil.”

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